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Hello students. Please check this web page frequently. We update it when additional information is received. 

Scroll down for information and a message to you from your EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs, Bear Cub Scholars & NextUp staff.... 

General Information for EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs, Bear Cub & NextUp 

Students, call the Dean anytime: Lily Hunnemeder-Bergfelt at 707-524-1686

Join a Q&A Zoom Meeting                   each Monday with Lily.                          

1-2pm each Monday with Lily Hunnemeder-Bergfelt. Invite has been sent to your cubby.  

Thinking of dropping a class?

Stop! First, schedule a telephone or ZOOM appointment with a counselor & contact Financial Aid.

To schedule: April Holmes, 

Jay Huntington:

Miss an appointment due to the closure?

Rescheduling calls & emails are underway. Students can choose an appointment by telephone or Zoom.

Need a laptop?

Have other questions?

Email Jay Huntington:

for referral to the appropriate staff member.


CARE Students

New or Continuing CARE student?          

Calls and emails are underway to serve CARE students.

Questions? Concerns?

Email Amy Ethington:

Email Wanda Bynum:

CalWORKs Students

Miss an appointment due to the closure?

Calls and emails to reschedule are underway. 

Questions? Concerns?

Email Jay Huntington:

Bear Cub Scholars & NextUp Students

Tuesday 12-1pm Home Room on ZOOM!

Watch your email for the start date. 

Need a Bear Cub or NextUp appointment?

Email Candy Bridgers:

Need financial assistance?

NextUp can help with supplies, gas cards, food, and more.

Email Rebecca Levelle:


Message to our students: Remember, you are not alone. Our guess is that everyone is feeling a little uncertain right now. It is hard enough, at any time, to have our routines disrupted.

When you add in that we cannot attend class, go to work, or socialize, and the threat of a virus, it can be unsettling to say the least, especially since no one knows when the shelter in place will end.

Please know that we are here to listen and to help. Take care. The staff at EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs, Bear Cub Scholars & NextUp