frequently asked questions

What is the process for being able to start receiving EOPS services like counseling and the book voucher?

Answer: It takes 2-3 weeks to process the EOPS application to see if you qualify. If you are determined to be eligible for EOPS, you will be notified to come in and attend a one-hour EOPS orientation. Immediately after the orientation, you will schedule your first meeting (Contract Appointment) with an EOPS counselor, during which you will receive the book voucher.

Can the EOPS book voucher be used to buy books on Amazon or elsewhere?

Answer: No. The EOPS book voucher can only be used at the SRJC Bookstore, either the one in Santa Rosa or the one in Petaluma. The book voucher can be used to buy, rent, or order books from the campus Bookstore. If the books were purchased at the SRJC Bookstore prior to getting enrolled in EOPS, you can turn in your receipts for textbooks to the Bookstore and get reimbursed for up to the value of your EOPS book voucher.

How do I apply for the CARE program?

Answer: Once you attend the EOPS Orientation, you’ll be referred to scheduling your Contract Appointment with an EOPS counselor. The EOPS counselors will assist you with the CARE program application during your counseling visit.

How long can I be in EOPS?

Answer: Under CA State guidelines, EOPS students can receive services until they complete 70 degree applicable units. Our EOPS counselors will do an evaluation to determine if students are eligible for a waiver to continue in EOPS beyond the 70 unit limit (NextUp students are exempted up to age 26).

What are the requirements I must satisfy to stay in the EOPS program?

Answer: You must meet the EOPS Student Responsibility Contract signed during the Orientation, mainly by enrolling in and completing a minimum of 9 units every semester (unless approved for less, e.g. DRD, Second Chance, NextUp, CalWORKS, Foster Youth), and make at least three (3) counseling contacts each semester.

How do I receive Priority 1 Registration?

Answer: Eligible EOPS students must schedule an appointment with their EOPS counselor mid-semester, in October for Spring Registration, and March for Summer & Fall Registration. The EOPS Counselor will assist you in selecting your classes and give you Priority 1 approval.

How can I see an EOPS Counselor for quick questions?

Answer: Eligible students can call the EOPS Office at 707-527-4383 or email to inquire about the counselor Drop-In Schedule for the day. EOPS students are encouraged to see an EOPS counselor during Drop-In hours right away if they are struggling in a class, want to change their classes, goal or major, or are having personal difficulties.